La Serena School

WARNING Due to the Cov-19 epidemic all Spanish classes are online.

La Serena School is a little school which teaches the Spanish language and its culture to foreigners.
We started more than 30 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to La Serena, Chile in 1995. Now, the school is located in a traditional educational neighborhood next to the city centre.
Since then hundreds of students from all over the world learned or improved their Spanish with our method.
Now we are also present in Santiago (click this link to see more information)


Our teaching method alternates one-to-one lessons with interactive monitored lab sessions. We use the best teaching materials and our own successful lab software (click this link to see more about the lab).

Everything is done to adapt the teaching to the student's previous knowledge of Spanish, his or her unique learning style, interests and needs. Students can expect to make considerable progress, within a short period, in their knowledge and use of the language as well as their familiarity with the Hispanic culture and its customs. The fact that the school only takes a few students at any one time helps to make this possible.

Due to the highly personalized nature of our courses, the duration, daily schedule and number of hours per day or week can be modified to suit the particular needs of each student.


La Serena School's system covers seven levels (click this link to see more about the levels) from basic survival-level Spanish to near-native proficiency. Emphasis is given to the acquisition of all four language skills, that is: listening, speaking, reading and writing. These skills are built up over a solid grammatical and linguistic base where structures are constantly reinforced and their application extended.
In addition, on the basis that effective communication in a language requires knowledge of the culture and customs of the countries where the language is spoken, in our classes we also incorporate a variety of aspects of the culture from the Spanish and Latin American world.


La Serena offers a wide variety of accommodation options ranging from comfortable hotels (click this link to see a list of hotels) to economic B&Bs (click this link to see a list of B&Bs).


La Serena is located 460km (280 miles) north of Santiago.
Travel from Santiago is possible by plane, bus or car (click this link to know more about how to travel from Santiago to La Serena).

La Serena

The historic city of La Serena (clic this link to read about the history of the city) is some 460km north of Santiago (Click this link to see he map). La Serena is now the capital of the IVth Region of Chile (clic this link to read about the Region).