First Level (Básico I)

Aimed at the student with little or no knowledge of Spanish, the level covers the use of basic grammatical and linguistic structures (present tense of regular and irregular verbs, ser and estar and the use of articles and possessive and demostrative adjectives ) for communication in daily situations.

Second Level (Básico II)

More basic grammatical and linguistic structures. Better communication in everyday situations. Now the student can expect to be confident in the use of the present tense and imperative mode as well as the past tense.

Third Level (Intermedio I)

The student now concentrates on past and future tenses and the conditional tense is introduced. These time notions and more advanced grammatical structures are practiced and developed to enable the student to communicate confidently and accurately in Spanish.

Fourth Level (Intermedio II)

Emphasis is given to the subjunctive mode. At this level, the student will be able to express opinions more accurately on a wide range of topics. With increased comprehension skills the student will be able to take part in business or science meetings.

Advanced Levels

In levels V to VII the student acquires a proficient level of fluency in speaking, reading and writing skills and an excellent appreciation of Spanish and Latin Amercan culture and customs.